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Already own an older version?

Old versions of Easy Cross 6, 2000, and 2004 won’t run on Windows 7 or later.
If you have replaced your machine or upgraded to Windows Vista, 7, 8 then you will need a new edition of the software to work with your new machine.

Easy Cross is not yet working under Windows 10.

Upgrades are available from Easy Cross 6 or 2000
Updates are available from Easy Cross 2004
And you can upgrade from Basic to DeLuxe or to Enterprise
(Important: Proof of purchase may be required if we are unable to trace your original purchase)

current versions to a higher level:

Update From
Easy Cross 2004 to current versions:

(note: the hardanger module operates slowly under Windows 7/8 unless you have Windows UAE turned off, and ‘own’ the folders.
This is a known issue that we are looking into.)

Older version?

Easy Cross 2000 or Easy Cross 6:

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