Money is the most basic requirement for us humans; without it, we can make a baby or bury/ cremate a person. We need money to pay the doctor who delivers the baby and pay the funeral home to cremate/bury the body. For food, shelter, clothing the three basic necessities of life, all require the paper bills that control every single aspect of our life. The green bills can be compared to other vital essentials in our life like love, relationships, and care. But one should not let something like money get in between relationships and friendships.

Money is indeed required for a healthy lifestyle since it can influence the kind of places we go to, the type of food we eat, the kind of people we meet, it impacts every major feature of our existence. Some people work until they think they’ve earned enough, which for some have bottomless pits of need. They won’t be happy with what they have; they would be longing for something more — thinking that there’s always something greater out there. Celebrity extravagance, the rich and lavish ones, the twinge of envy when we see these riding around in a fancy car, wearing fantastic designer clothes, makes us long for these things, makes us want to own these things as well. “Wealth consists not having great possessions but having just a few wants” is one of my favorite quotes. But you can’t control what you feel like you want. You can control the decision whether you’re going to get it or not. Having very few wants keeps greediness in check. It surely is human nature to want more and the best of everything.

Calculating money

The more you have, the more you want. The thing is, you will look around and look at someone wealthier than you and assume that you are not living your best and healthiest life, but I implore you to look at someone who has it worse than and still affords and manages to find happiness in the little things, take a page from their book and be happy with what you’ve got. You have just one life, as far as we know. Why waste it being salty because you can’t afford a Porsche or a Lamborghini? Be happy with the BMW or Toyota that you have. Be satisfied that you have these things; there are people out there who have got it way worse than you, who also have necessities for money for basic things like food. Some people cannot even afford three square meals a day.

Money should just be a means to an end. It should be neither good nor bad. It is an essential tool but should not be everything to you. Don’t get consumed by it. Make sure you have enough to build yourself and your family a healthy stable environment by providing a good home and healthy food, a decent lifestyle is what is important. Being able to give your children the education they deserve and the toys they want requires money, work hard enough to be able to afford that. Live your life to the fullest. Humans are hardwired to seek security, comfort, and warmth and having money is an incredible way to attain these things.

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