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TURBO CROSS: The economical way to get your Cross Stitch into embroidery-capable sewing machines. Why pay hundreds of pounds elsewhere??

A special version of Easy Cross, which, in addition to doing cross stitch and blackwork, can also export files suitable for your sewing machine.
When compared to other machine embroidery software (with a wider set of features), this makes it an affordable alternative if all you want to do is machined cross stitch!
Suitable for all version of Windows from Windows 98 to Windows 8.


TURBO CROSS designs can be created from scratch in no time at all.
  • Convert your photographs into charts with ease.
  • Suitable for use with Husqvarna, Pfaff, Brother, Singer, Arista and Janome embroidery software.
  • Convert Images - Very powerful conversion options give Turbo Cross a second to none conversion into cross stitch from photographs or clipart.
  • Match to any of the thread charts, set the size, the number of colours and let the program do the work. 
  • Cross Stitch - A wide range of stitch types is offered which consists of full, three quarter, half & quarter stitches; thin or thick backstitch and French knots can be used to create a design which can be viewed in crosses or colour blocks.
  • The Auto Repeat option will repeat edits reflected across, down or rotated as required, which is ideal for designing borders. 
  • The Show/Hide Colours is a very useful option which allows colours or stitch types to be faded or made invisible which makes other stitches stand out.
  • Numerous shapes can be added to the design using cross stitch, backstitch, half stitch or satin stitch.
  • True Type fonts can be used to add text to a design, apply different styles, i.e. stripes, shading or use a fill style when adding true type text.
  • BLACKWORK - Turbo Cross makes creating Blackwork designs easy, just draw the outline in backstitch, select a Blackwork Fill Style from the library of 100 styles and use Flood Fill to Backstitch to fill inside the boundary.

Machine specific features:
Number of Jumps - The program gives a count of the number of jumps in the design on the status bar. The jumps can be viewed as required and turned off if not wanted.
Reduce Jumps - If there too many jumps, the Reduce Jumps option will join together blocks of colour and/or remove lone stitches which will cut down the number of jump stitches.
Save as Machine Format - Save a design ready to send to the embroidery machine via your existing link, control the size of stitches and the number of strands for each stitch. Save as Pfaff, Melco or Tajima formats.
Too Large for the Hoop? - Should the design be too large for the hoop, then it is possible to split it into manageable sections.
Printout - Print out a paper copy of the design that shows the design, colour changes, thread usage and information.


adobe-acrobat-professional-2 Download the manual here:

Get a demo version here:

If you have Vista or Windows 7, and want to use ‘Help’, you will need to use
THIS LINK to install the WinHlp32.Exe program.

Important: the program is not verified for Windows 10.
If you have Windows 10, please do not purchase.

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(£45 or local equivalent, plus VAT where applicable)