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Windows 10?

Now that Windows 10 has been released, we have tested Easy Cross and find it is generally incompatible.

Some people have reported that if you are using the 32 bit version of Windows 10,
then by changing compatibility settings , it can be made to run.
(There is a useful page on the subject

However, the program was written before Windows 10 existed.
We are trying to find ways to get the program to work under Windows 10, but we can not promise to succeed.
(At this time, we know it works up to Windows 8 only)

If your Easy cross program does not
START correctly (seizes up) , you can try to tell Windows to use ‘Compatibility Mode’.

To set this up, right click on the Easy Cross icon, and choose ‘Properties’
Click ‘Compatibility’

Pasted Graphic

From the available choices under ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for...’ , choose ‘Windows 98’